to record an amount that a customer has spent for them lớn pay at a later time, according to lớn an agreement between a business & the customer:

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to move forward quickly & violently, especially toward something that has caused difficulty or anger:
< + that > The president responded angrily to lớn the charge that she had lost touch with her country"s people.
Her refusal khổng lồ condemn the violence laid/left her xuất hiện to the charge of positive tư vấn for the chiến dịch (= allowed people lớn say that she supported it).
the amount of explosive khổng lồ be fired at one time, or the bullet or other explosive object shot from a gun
if you charge something to lớn someone"s trương mục , the amount they have spent is recorded & they pay for it at a later time:
charge sb with sth The newspaper charged him with misleading the public about the seriousness of the situation.
make/impose/incur a charge If you fail lớn cancel the booking within the specified period, you will incur a charge.
take a charge for sth The company expects khổng lồ take a charge for various expenses relating lớn the acquisition.

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bring a charge against sb Charges were brought against the UK company under the Corporate Manslaughter & Homicide Act.
Sixty-two of those had been reviewed và a decision was made not to tệp tin formal charges because there was insufficient evidence.
Also, he thinks that it"s frustrating that some services charge what he sees as exorbitantly high prices for that data.
The vị trí cao nhất charge makes an electric field that is pointing in the downward direction at the location of the bottom charge.
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